GarageBand for Windows (7,8.1,10) PC, Laptop – Free Download Alternative

GarageBand for Windows, Apple’s not going to make it sorry, they don’t make software for Windows. But you want it so desperately, that’s why you’re here. Well then good so, because I have it right here on my Windows 10. Well as you can see this is not only GarageBand but a whole neck running on Windows 10. If you’re crazy about GarageBand App and have no MacBook that’s how to get it just run Mac OSX in a virtual machine and use the original GarageBand. You will not need a monster machine to run it properly, but I’d say you should have at least eight gigs of RAM and i-5 CPU and a fast hard-disk then you can run GarageBand for Mac OS X without any problem, and in full-screen mode, you can use it nearly as a normal Windows app.

If you want to try GarageBand App for PC / Windows, you will find all the necessary info in the related article, but I strongly recommend you to also check out some other great Windows program that offers the same features or sometimes even more from GarageBand Mac.

Download GarageBand App for Windows (7, 8.1, and 10) PC/Laptop - Free 

Basically, GarageBand app is only available on the Mac, but if you want to download GarageBand for Windows, PC, Laptop (7, 8.1, and 10) there are two alternative ways to download GarageBand for free by using the rare software and Bluestack which we describe below:

Method 1: GarageBand Free Download for Windows Using Rare software

Rare Software is unique tool Software is excellent, very easy to use to download and install the iOS and Mac applications on your Windows. You can directly download the application GarageBand for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 in your PC.

Method 2: GarageBand for Windows: Free Download Using Bluestack

Bluestacks is one of LSD is widely used nowadays. With the help of emulators BlueStacks you can download GarageBand windows for free and your computer's devices.

  • Visit the official web and download.
  • Install a new application that You download, as you install the software in General.
  • Sign in with Your Google ID or create a new google account if you have never signed up.
  • After a successful install and sign in, type in GarageBand on the search page.
    Click the icon to install GarageBand on windows.
  • GarageBand Alternative for Windows (7,8.1,10)

Best GarageBand Alternative for Windows

Linux Music Maker Studio (LMMS)

LMMS Linux Music Maker Studio

I say it’s a free app like GarageBand and it’s called Linux music maker studio (LMMS). I’ll be showing you what it looks like and it’s free that’s a good part about it but as we all know graphics only for Apple so we’re gonna have to use this, so yeah it kind of has the same layout as GarageBand not saying the functions kind of different it doesn’t work as good but you don’t have Good’s brand on Windows so this is what you get it does have some varieties of sounds you have a lot of sounds to play with as you can see. So, you also have like sound cool, sound effects you can make for like your own original music in your videos, I think these, yeah there’s there’s a lot of instrument plugins and pretty sure this is for live music. If you want to install GarageBand for Windows 10, the software is highly recommended. (LMMS Download)

Mixcraft 8

Download GarageBand for Windows Free

GarageBand for Windows – I mean sure you’ve got the Safari browser which has a very small installed base on windows and you’ve got iTunes which is used by virtually everybody on the planet because everybody has an iPhone or an iPod, but reality is Apple’s specialty is making software that runs on Mac OS 10 or now on the iPad. But they don’t really make software that is going to be appealing or usable for Windows users. they want you to switch over and buy a Mac instead. So, what can you do if you want to get all those great features that GarageBand Mac has that makes making music fun I mean you can create loops, you can auto – like t-pain all those things that you want to do have fun with your music, is right there at your fingertips with the GarageBand for PC called Mixcraft.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, or 10 (32 or 64 bit)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1.8 GHz Dual Core CPU (Quad Core or higher recommended)
  • Sound card, USB, or Firewire sound device
  • Please note: Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio requires Internet access for the integrated Melodyne activation.
  • Translated into 20 languages: English, Chinese Traditional, and Simplified, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Danish, Hungarian. Slovenian, Hellenic, and Korean.

GarageBand Features

Mixcraft 8 is GarageBand for windows which are driven by the new sound engine, fast, featuring the most advanced audio and MIDI routing, sidechaining, and Audio control, with innovative new features that belong to GarageBand for pc, allows audio signal to control the instruments and effect parameters. Comprehensive support with GarageBand VST3 plugins and video MP4 format, which has a support in Mixcraft professional.

Mixcraft 8 is packed with features including high-end recording direct performance panel, submits storied, grouping the path, and many more.

How to Get GarageBand on Windows 10

Now Mixcraft isn’t GarageBand App, but it’s pretty darn close at least in my opinion because it does all the things that GarageBand can do only it does them on Windows. So, let me show you a few of those features as you can see the Mixcraft interface looks somewhat like the GarageBand interface. They both have a series of tracks that you can include over here one difference between Mixcraft and GarageBand.

GarageBand for windows - Mixcraft

How to Use GarageBand for Windows

That is immediately evident is you can record an unlimited number of tracks simultaneously in Mixcraft, GarageBand limits you to eight, but then again, you’ll see down here that you can also choose from some loops, you can choose by tempo, key mood, style kind of instrument a name people, a song kit can use that so lots of choices somewhat similar to GarageBand.

How to play GarageBand? Here again, you get about twice as many loop choices, that come default with Mixcraft as come with GarageBand so Mixcraft has a slight edge there as well. So, we'll go to GarageBand loops download and we’ll pick an instrument here how about the power ballad acoustic guitar, we’ll drag it up here and as you can see it downloads it adds it to the timeline and here’s another thing that is a similarity between Mixcraft and GarageBand in that garage band has it’s called.

GarageBand for windows - Download Mixcraft
GarageBand Loops Download

Mixcraft free download garageband windows for pc

I believe flex time and groove matching that helps keep your songs in rhythm and match the tempos of things and Mixcraft does the same thing by recognizing the tempo of your project and the tempo of the import that you do and it will automatically switch each of the loops, that you add so that the tempo is matched, and if there is a pitch difference between them it will adjust the pitch so that everything matches up.

Mixcraft 6 Free Download

So now that I’ve added that to the timeline I could also then play on top of it using a musical instrument as you can see here, I have like instrument track 1 and if I click on the changing instrument which is the fastest way to get to the musical typing keyboard. I can say have acoustic brass and let’s say I want 76 trombones as my sample and I’ll put the musical typing keyboard and well those sound very cheesy that is sort of synthesized 76 trombones, so you get different sounds depending on what you choose.

mixcraft 7 free download

I’ll show you a different one just, so you can see the difference if I switch to the bright Vox. You can hear that it is a different sound once again, so you have lots of choices there are literally hundreds maybe thousands, of these things in here to choose from so you can create your own customized musical performance.

garageband for windows mixcraft 8

Another thing that you can do is in any of these tracks, you can set the effects so that you are choosing something like a different amplifier so you can get guitar amps and effects that make your guitars sound like some of the professional stuff like if you want to get chorus, compressor, delay, distortion you can add all those things in the software, so that you get the sound that you want there’s also some choices where you can get amplifiers that sound a little bit like classic amps from kind of the guitar rock old.

Mixcraft 8 Free Download

Another thing that you may be looking for it similar to GarageBand App. I already showed you the GarageBand tutorials like music keyboard typing you can also do some field shifts so you can get the type of auto-tune things Maybe t-pain is one of the most famous people for all the people seem to be doing it the music industry today and it was things you can do here in Mixcraft, just like you can use GarageBand Music Maker.

As well something that’s available in mix craft that is not available in GarageBand for Mac is you can actually edit video from this timeline now I personally don’t know why you would want to do that I mean you can playback videos inside of GarageBand App and so you can play in both, you can actually edit in Mixcraft.

I’m honestly not someone who would ever use that feature, but it’s a nice to have GarageBand feature if you want it to be able to do all of your editings in one place. there you have it Mitch Kraft is the closest thing you’re going to get to GarageBand for Windows, it does almost all the same things that you can do with Apple’s GarageBand it even supports the apple loop format, so that you can get all those great features you can trade songs back and forth with your friends who have a Mac and are currently using GarageBand Windows which makes it pretty convenient for being able to create some fun music projects and with that there’ll be a link coming up at the end or you can click the link and go to a page where you can download GarageBand for Windows right there.


Of the many alternative application GarageBand for windows only two best GarageBand for windows (7, 8.1 and 10). Both have been getting a lot of good ratings from users, so you need not hesitate to try it out. If this article was helpful to you, please share it along with your friends.